Britney Keegan is passionate about Coaching Traders and passive investors on the nuances, mental outlook and principles that professional traders use daily to generate massive trading profit daily!

For the past 8 years, Britney Keegan has trained and coached corporate executives, individuals, entrepreneurs, and proprietary traders to recalibrate, their skills and mental outlook required to succeed in trading. Britney Keegan unique style will help traders of all levels.

Our PFL 10X Financial Freedom Roadmap will help accelerate your plan for building Intergenerational Wealth for you and your Family!

Our Proprietary Trading approach is practical, measurable and profitable.

We focus on helping identify gaps and opportunities, in your trading style which will assist in improving your trading goals and objectives.  To earn a living trading is not a "get rich scheme".  Trading is a business and it must be respected as such.  To win long term in trading requires commitment and mental discipline.  Once traders obtain the mindset and outlook like professional traders they will see their trading profits grow 10X and beyond.

We work with Active, Passive and Swing Traders...

Interested in:

  • Increasing trading profits
  • Determining how to exit & enter trades
  • How to leverage trading a smaller account
  • Understanding fundamental Analysis vs. Technical Analysis
  • Learn Mobile Trading
  • How to create your on AI base Trading Plan.
  • Identifying the best indicators 
  • Creating winning chart set